In January, 2001 I graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree majoring in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, with a minor in Art History. Since that day, it has been my dream to create pieces that bring joy and beauty to the lives of those who possess them. My hope is that in my pursuit of that dream, I am able to continue to learn and grow as an individual and artist.

During my journey from college graduate to full-time jeweler and entrepreneur I enjoyed a rewarding career in graphic design, specializing in print advertising and marketing. I loved my years doing design work helping small businesses succeed in a challenging economy. It was also during this time that I fell in love with graphics, patterns, and design. This influence is seen in my jewelry work through the use of etching. Being able to combine images, pattern, and design with metal is so exciting for me as an artist. It opens up so many possibilities that I often have a hard time deciding which one to pursue next.

When I'm not in the studio I'm chasing around my two children with the help of my amazing and incredibly supportive husband. They are my inspiration and why I do what I do. Hearing my 3-year-old daughter say, "Mommy, thank you for making this necklace." is the greatest reward I could ask for. I hope to one day teach her and her brother how to make objects that bring joy to the lives of others as well.